Anti-Colic Wide Neck Bottle – 240ML – Assorted


The BabyOno anti-colic wide-neck bottle is designed to ensure maximum safety and health of your baby during feeding.

The triple air-ventilating system in the teat prevents the formation of vacuum, thus reducing the risk of colic.

The teat mouthpiece imitating mum’s breast elongates during feeding, preserving the natural baby’s sucking rhythm and reflex and allowing you to combine breast and bottle feeding.

Thanks to strict production control both the bottle and the teat meet the highest quality and safety standards.

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More Information

• A triple air-ventilating system
• A transparent bottle made from top grade polypropylene is durable and safe – meets the highest quality standards
• The contoured shape of the bottle adjusts to the hand, thus making it easier to feed the baby
• The graduated scale enables precise measurement of the liquid amount
• With the enclosed bottle sealing disc, the bottle may serve as a container for storing milk
• The product is 100% BPA free
• A wide-neck bottle slow-flow (0m+) anti-colic silicone teat

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