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The Cuddle Co Feeding and Infant Support Pillow is one of the most useful and versatile pillows to own throughout pregnancy.

A curved design that supports both your back and your bump during pregnancy, the Cuddleco feeding pillow is designed to fit around your waist to help support you and your baby during feeding, ensuring you are both comfortable and supported in the feeding position whether breast or bottle feeding.

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Finding the correct feeding position for your baby can help minimise feeding and digestive issues such as reflux.

This feeding pillow is also ideal to use after a C-section helping to relieve pressure on your tummy when you’re feeding your little one.

Multifunctional and great quality, they are used during pregnancy to sleep more comfortable and achieve a better rest, and after birth to feed comfortably to the baby. 

The exclusive materials ensure a product of great quality, functionality and finish.

Bamboo cotton is very soft to the touch and ideal for delicate skin.

Smart foam is a super quiet padding that gently molds to any surface.

When feeding your baby, it is important to provide secure and stable support in the correct position. 

Our cushion in the shape of horseshoe achieves an ideal contact between the baby and the mother for greater enjoyment at the time of feeding.

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