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Storage is essential for organizing every unruly mess, particularly when it comes to the never-ending inventory of children’s books, games, and toys that end up in every room of the house!

Making sure they aren’t all over the floor is still an issue for families, caregivers, and playschools, particularly when they can be a potential safety threat if a child or adult slips over and injures themselves.

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If you’ve run out of storage space and your storage boxes and baskets are overflowing, you can quickly make use of the walls.” Fixing a Toy Hammock to keep all those plush toys and teddy bears in place will be an instant and cost-effective solution! This will not only keep them off the floor, but it will also make a lovely, safe display in your child’s bedroom or nursery. Supplied complete with brass securing hooks

These larger Bag Clips are designed to be used on padded frames or handles that are larger than 27mm in diameter or oval in shape.

These are invaluable little pieces of kit for shopping bags or compact handbags to ensure you can carry that extra bit of shopping anytime you need to.

Be certain that the pram or stroller is not overloaded or unbalanced.

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