Tuneless Penguin


Pair up with Peryn the Penguin for giggles and laughter as he takes to the water to sing his funny tunes – he just wishes he could sing…in tune.

That’s why his Toomies friends call him the Tuneless Penguin!

You little one will love to help him practise: just dunk him under water and he’ll start to squawk and sing – as he goes down, the notes comes out!

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More Information

• Splash: Make bath time fun and boost your child’s confidence in the water with this playful, singing penguin.
• Colourful and fun: With his big eyes, colourful coat, yellow beak and flippers, Peryn the Penguin is a Toomies family favourite.
• Bubble and squeak: Dunk him in the water to make him sing and squawk – push him all the way down and he’ll also sing underwater and blow out bubbles.
• Simple and reliable: No batteries required – play straight out of the box.
• Made of durable material. No batteries required. Suitable for 12 Months +

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