Unbreakable Plates – 4Pcs


With inspiration from silicone bakeware, this amazing soft flex silicone has awesomely gripping, damage proof and easy feed qualities that help turn messy mealtimes into an enjoyable time for babies and parents.

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There is nothing to take apart for cleaning and nothing to trap food and germs.

Our clever design makes it much easier for the baby to feed themselves also, so they end up eating more and wearing less of their meal!

The unique 1 piece soft silicone is insulating also, to keep food warmer longer as we all know how little people like to dally over dinner.

• No more dropped plates! 100% silicone section mat grips easily to surfaces
• Built-in suction grip easily seals to surface, keeping it firmly in one place
• Plate and placement mat all-in-one that wipes clean and is dishwasher safe
• Sealing tips: press down in the centre of the mat to remove any trapped air and press down around the edge of the mat to ensure a complete seal. also ensure that the surface is clean (grease/oil free) and dry
• 6 months +
• BPA free

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