2 in 1 Bottle and Food Warmer & Steriliser


The Nuby Electric Bottle and Food Warmer heats all bottles and food jars of 8cm in diameter quickly and safely, even from frozen.

It’s a new parent essential that’ll save time and heats food safely without needing to worry about the temperature not being consistent.

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• Simple to use electric Bottle and Food Warmer by adding the recommended amount of water based on the size and start temperature of the bottle or food jar, popping in the bottle or food jar and pressing the power button down to start. 
• Ultra-fast warming time to safely warm breastmilk, formula and baby food in just 3 minutes* while preserving important nutrients (*warming times depend upon capacity and starting temperature of the food and 3 minutes is based on heating a 150ml feed in a polypropylene bottle from room temperature.  Heating frozen food will take longer.
• Once switched on, the button will light up orange and you may see the steam from the warming basin during the warming up process. When water runs out, the unit will shut off.
• Fits all bottles and food jars up to 8cm in diameter comfortably and comes with a warming water chart for different size / shape bottles and jars.
• Compact design so doesn’t take up too much space and can be taken away with you if needed.   
• Baby safe – BPA-free for total reassurance.
• It even comes with a convenient, lift out basket to protect bottles and food jars, plus an adapter ring to make heating breast milk or baby food as safe and easy as 1-2-3, while preserving all important nutrients.  
• When you remove the bottle or food jar, you should shake it well (approx. 10 seconds should do the trick) to distribute heat evenly.

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