Anti-Colic Professional Bottle – 300ml


Finally a good gut feeling. Swallowing air while drinking is a major cause of typical colic symptoms such as bloating, abdominal cramps and constant crying. The NUK Anti-Colic Professional was developed to prevent babies from swallowing air while drinking.

Their secret is the Professional Ventilation System, which prevents air choking even more effectively. It consists of an innovative combination of air valve and air duct. The air valve ensures that the teat does not contract when drinking. So your baby can drink without stopping. The integrated air channel directs the air from the valve directly to the bottom of the bottle – without air bubbles coming into contact with the formula. This prevents the formula from being enriched with air. And less air in the food means less air in baby’s tummy. So the bottle helps to prevent colic. Confirmed by experts and mothers.**

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• NO AIR*: Thanks to the Professional Ventilation System, less air gets into baby’s stomach when drinking. 96% of experts confirm reduction of air in food**
• With temperature control display: Provides assurance that the bottle is not being fed too hot. If the content is too hot, the display in the scale turns white
• Particularly soft, jaw-friendly silicone teat 0-6 months M (medium-fine perforation = for formula)
• Teat clinically tested***: For an optimal combination of breastfeeding and bottle feeding
• Made of high quality polypropylene (PP), BPA free, 300ml content

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