Breastfeeding Starter Set


Whether you’re a new mum about to embark on your first breastfeeding journey, or simply preparing to do it all over again, the Breastfeeding Starter Kit is specially curated to include everything you need for a smooth start. It’s also ideal for mums who want the freedom to express and bottle feed thanks to the manual breast pump and two Closer to Nature bottles included. It also features a cup with massaging petals to help stimulate milk flow. The included breastmilk storage pots can hold up to 60 ml and slot perfectly into the bottles so you can express directly into them. The screw-top breastmilk storage lids help to prevent any leakages. Included in this Breastfeeding Starter Kit is a sterilizer box that allows you to safely and quickly sterilize your breastfeeding equipment. Two 0-6 month soothers have a symmetrical, orthodontic shape that’s designed to support natural oral development.

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  • Breastfeeding Starter Kit: Manual breast pump with 150ml CTN bottles and slow flow teats, milk storage lids, 0-6m soothers, sterilizing box, breastmilk storage pots, disposable breast pads
  • Single manual breast pump: The narrow neck and curved handle are specially designed to fit mum’s hands, meaning the pump requires less power and helps to minimize hand strain
  • Closer to Nature baby bottles: 150ml and 260ml CTN baby bottles with measurements allow you to keep track of how much breastmilk you express
  • Microwave sterilizing box: Sterilize your breastfeeding equipment, bottles and soothers in the BPA-free box by simply adding water and popping it into the microwave
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