Bump Belt


When traveling by car, the Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt offers a high level of protection for all unborn babies and mothers

It is designed to be worn under the belly and over the hips to provide full support.

In the event of a minor accident, the belt was designed to not ride up over the belly and instead pass weight into the hips and pelvis.

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Baby safe seat belt positioning system for Mums to be.
Prevents seat belt from riding up onto your bump.
If a pregnant mother is involved in a car crash, there’s a 40 to 50 per cent chance of having a miscarriage if she suffers from serious injuries. Even if the crash or injuries are minor, there’s still up to a five per cent risk, (according to which is why we have developed the innovative Bump Belt to help protect unborn babies and mothers-to-be whilst travelling by car.

Mum-to-be sits on the Bump Belt’s seat pad and fastens the vehicle seat belt as normal, making sure the lap part is underneath her baby bump. The two elasticated flaps of the Bump Belt are then easily secured over the lap section of the seat belt. This secures the lap belt under the baby hump and prevents it from riding up over the belly.

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