Complete Feeding Kit – Black


Complete Feeding Kit will make feeding your little one just a tad easier. The Electric Steam Sterilizer uses steam to kill up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses without using any harsh chemicals. Sterilize up to six bottles in as little as 5 mins and, if you pop the lid shut, it’ll even keep your freshly steamed milk sterile for up to 24 hours. When you need milk at the ready, the Easi-Warm bottle warmer will be your best friend. It can get your baby milk to body temperature in just 4 mins – no hungry belly has to wait too long to eat.

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– The Closer to Nature bottle has slow-flow teats that flex just like mum to encourage natural latching
– Tired of nasty colic-causing bubbles? The Anti-Colic bottle has straws that help draw air away from the milk
– Stop any fussing with the choice of an Ultra-light or Breast-like soother – even the pickiest baby will be happily snoozing in no time
– If you’re in a mood for a picnic, the insulated bottle bag is perfect for keeping the baby milk warm on-the-go
–  A handy cleaning brush comes included, so you can keep your baby bottles in pristine condition

  • Suitable age: 0+ months
  • Steam bottle steriliser
  • bottle warmer
  • 4 bottles with slow flow teats
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