Electric 2 in 1 Breast Pump


The 2 in 1 Electric pump has 2 separate phases which simulate your baby’s natural sucking pattern:
• Let Down’ Phase which gives a rapid suction to initiate milk flow and
• The ‘Expression’ which offers slower and deeper suction to maximise your milk flow.

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Breastfeeding often creates a milk letdown from both breasts, which means milk coming from the side that the baby is not feeding on can go to waste.

It’s comfortable to use and easy to wash. A handy neck-strap adds extra security from spills and a suction base ensures it won’t topple over so precious breastmilk is kept safe.

The 2 in 1 Electric Pump is also quiet and easy to assemble and clean, making it a great addition to your breastfeeding equipment.

Included with your pump is the stylish portable bag which fits the entire pump for when you are on the go.

We also include our unique bottle stand which keeps your pump bottle stable during and after pumping.

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