Hello Adventure Action Cup – 230ml


The NUK Action Cup accompanies the child from the age of 12 months, when they become more active. The flexible soft straw is gentle on the palate and gums, with a twist it disappears into the lid thanks to the handy screw cap. To keep everything dry and clean during travel, the straw twists into the lid.

The NUK Action Cup is made of high-quality, durable materials that are BPA-free and have cute motifs printed on them. The NUK Action Cup is simple to take apart and put back together. It is also simple to clean. The Action Cup’s tapered form makes it easy for little ones to grasp. Because of this, the Action cup can accompany little ones on their daily adventures easily.

Design: Hello Adventure

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More Information

• Colour: Blue
• Suitable age: 12 months and over
• Easy to clean
• Leakproof
• Soft drinking straw
• BPA free

All elements of the NUK Evolution Cup Range are compatible with the NUK Action Cup.

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