Konfidence™ Swim Jacket – Navy Stripes – 18M-3Yrs


The Konfidence™ Jacket gives your child the confidence and security they need to enjoy playing in the water. Our jacket comes with 8 simple to remove soft foam floats, these allow you to easily adjust the jacket’s buoyancy to your child’s needs, helping your child maintain the correct swimming position in the water to allow them to swim freely.
The highly visible bright yellow back is the trademark of a Konfidence™ Jacket and we did this so that our kids could be spotted easily from a distance. Great for those busy beaches and pools on holiday.
Made from high-grade 3mm thick neoprene the Konfidence™ Jacket keeps your child warm and provides 100% UV protection on covered areas.

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• 18 months-3 years
• Stylish and fun designs.
• Adjustable Buoyancy to suit the wearers’ needs.
• 100% UVPF protection on all covered areas.
• Quick drying and easy to clean.
• Lightweight and easy to pack.

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