Light and Sound Sleep Aid – Bennie


The best night-time companion!

Bennie The Bear keeps your baby company & helps them sleep. This soft and cuddly night-time companion provides dim lighting, calming sounds and gentle lullabies to help your baby sleep.

If your baby wakes up during the night, the CrySensor technology in Bennie The Bear will hear your baby and play calming sounds or lullabies to help calm and settle them back to sleep.

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• 85% of babies sleep better with the Tommee Tippee light and sound sleep aid*
• Rechargeable (No batteries needed).
• The CrySensor technology plays 20 minutes of soothing sounds or lullabies if the baby wakes up & cries (less waking up for mum or dad).
• 6 soothing sounds to choose from: heartbeat, rainfall, white noise or 3 lullabies.
• Adjustable lighting: choose the right level of brightness for your nursery. Automatic switch off after 30 minutes to save energy.
• Gender neutral: Bennie the Bear, including his friends Pip the Panda & Ollie the Owl consist of gender-neutral designs that go well with all décor and different styles.

*Source: 222 UK respondents. Survey feedback from August 2018.

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