Luxury Memory Box & Handprint Frame


With this 3D set you will create unique memories of your baby’s first moments. Use the mixture to create a mold of your baby’s foot or hand, then use the plaster mix to fill the mold you have made. Once the mixture has dried you can place in foot/hand in the frame. This creates a very memorable decoration. This 3D set also includes a Memory Box where small valuable items can be stored. For example; the first cap, socks, pictures, hair or teeth.

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More Information

• With this set you can make a 3D plaster memory of your baby’s hand/feet easily and in a safe way
• The 3D set is the perfect gift for expectant parents
• The package contains a silver frame, a substance for creating molds and castings and a Memory Box
• The size of the frame is 23 × 23 cm

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