Mini Ice Lolly Set


Kids love little treats! And mums love being able to give their little ones a bit of refreshment in between mealtimes.

The Fresh Foods ice-lolly moulds are perfect for this. They can easily be filled with fruit juice, puréed fruit or yoghurt, and then just need to be sealed and placed in the freezer.

One to four small portions of iced deliciousness are produced in a short time – perfect as a healthy snack for toddlers. To ensure that children’s small hands can have a firm grip on the ice lolly, the lolly sticks have an extra large recess.

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More Information

• For freezing fruit, juice or yoghurt as a healthy alternative to ice lollies.
• For small refreshing snacks
• Portion size ideal for small children
• Four moulds that can be used individually
• BPA-free

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