Musical Toy – Mouse


Beige-pink-blue Sweet Mouse with a music box is a multi-task toy, which with its rich colors attracts the attention of your baby, soft texture of the material encourages you to cuddle, and the melody of the music box arouses interest in the sounds.

You can hang it over the cot and start before your baby’s nap or sleep, attach it to the nacelle box and switch it on during walks or attach it to a car seat or car seat, so that during the journey it catches the attention of a small passenger.

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More Information

• Hones the baby’s senses of sight and hearing
• The music sounds help the baby differentiate between different sound volumes
• Resembling real figures of people and animals, the toys help the baby to recognise their silhouettes
• Arouses the baby’s interest and focuses his or her attention
• Has a calming and soothing effect, which helps the baby to quiet down and fall asleep
• With a tag: 35 cm
• Without a tag: 25 cm

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