Nipple Replacement – Fast Flow – 2Pcs


If your little one’s frustrated, it can be just as frustrating for you trying to work out what could be wrong. 

It might be nothing, but if they’re having to suck the teat hard, it could simply be that they need to move up to a medium flow rate teat.

Most bottles come with slow flow teats when you first buy them but it’s worth having some different flow options at hand in case your little one shows signs they want more of that milky goodness & quicker.

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This twin  pack of Fast Flow teats are inspired by the shape, texture & natural flex of mum’s breast encouraging babies to latch on more easily. 

They’re designed to work with all Nuby wide neck bottles & have 3 unique advanced anti-colic valves which reduce air intake to help prevent painful colic & gas during feeding. 

Each teat has an ‘S’ ‘M’ or ‘F’ printed underneath the rim, therefore, if you’re trying out different flow rates you won’t lose track of who, what, where & why, which trust us, at 2am in the morning can be a real struggle.

• 2 x Nuby Fast Flow Teats with 3 unique anti-colic valves which reduce air intake, helping prevent colic & gas when feeding
• Made of SoftFlex™ silicone to flex and stretch like mum’s breast
• Ideal for when baby gets frustrated when feeding if they aren’t getting enough milk quickly enough
• Age guidance is for babies 6 months plus but this is a guide only and these teats are suitable for all ages.
• Contents: 2 x Easy Latch Fast Flow Teats

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