Postnatal Abdominal Belt Profiled – Beige – Medium


The profiled postnatal abdominal belt is intended for women after a caesarean section (c-section).

It is used to strengthen the excessively stretched abdominal wall and to decrease the risk of abdominal hernia.

This postpartum girdle helps alleviate the post-surgery incision pain, gives you a feeling of security and comfort; and it also facilitates an early start on exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

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More Information

• The profiled shape protects the lower part of the abdomen after a caesarean section (low transverse incision)
• Strengthens the overstretched abdominal muscles
• Prevents development of postoperative abdominal hernia
• Alleviates the post-surgery incision pain, thus giving you the feeling of safety
• Facilitates an early start on exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles
• Materials: polyamide 65%, cotton 10%, latex 25%
• Dimensions: H 24cm
• Weight: 140g
• M – 91-100 cm

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