Shopping List Extras – Fruit & Veg


Add to the fun of Shopping List with more everyday items and lists, as well as the ability to play with up to 6 people!

Fruit & Veg extras pack can be used to extend the gameplay of Shopping List.

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Children will also have fun matching and identifying the healthy foods from the supermarket as they add this to our popular Shopping List memory game. The ‘Fruit & Veg’ extras pack is great to teach children about healthy eating, including everyday foods like potatoes and pears to more unusual items such as asparagus and kiwis.

This game is for 2 players (6 if combined with Shopping List) and is suitable for age 3-7 years.

*Shopping List Fruit & Veg is most fun when combined with Shopping List to increase players and items.

• 2 shopping trolleys
• 2 shopping lists
• 16 item cards
• 1 instruction leaflet

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