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Even before your baby is born, thinking about where your baby will sleep and for how long is a common household discussion.

New parents lose on average 44 days of sleep in the first year, so anything that helps your baby sleep soundly will make a big difference to you too.

The Sleepee Moses basket is easy to move around your home for baby’s daytime naps and provides a safe, comfortable space for a good night’s sleep beside your bed or in the nursery.

Because when baby sleeps well, you all get some much needed rest.

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Gently rock baby to sleep any time by placing the Sleepee Moses basket on its rocking stand. When all is quiet the stand features adjustable safety stops giving you the option to move it into the static position. It also gives your back a break too, by raising your baby up to a more comfortable height to pick up and lie down.

No creaky wicker – our Moses baskets are really quiet, unlike traditional wicker baskets, they won’t squeak as your baby wiggles or creak when you pick them up to carry them to another room. Our baskets are also really easy to wipe clean, with no hidden bits to trap dust. Inside our baskets you’ll find a comfortable mattress with air-permeable filling to help regulate your baby’s temperature, and a fitted cover and liner made from 100% soft washable cotton. All our mattresses are water resistant and also washable. With 300 breathable airholes the Sleepee Moses basket ensures maximum airflow while baby sleeps.

• Safe, modern, portable baby moses basket and rockable stand that raises your basket to a comfortable height and allows you to rock your baby to sleep
• Sleepee basket comes with complete with water-resistant mattress and 100 % cotton liner
• Over 300 air holes along the side and base allowing maximum airflow to help regulate baby’s temperature and allow breathability
• No noise or rustles to disturb baby as you move them
• Recommended for newborn babies up to 6 months old who weigh less than 9kg/20lbs and cannot sit up, roll or push onto their hands and knees unaided

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