Suction Warming Plate with Spoon – Assorted


Would you eat your dinner cold if it was supposed to be warm? Didn’t think so!

Your baby will no doubt enjoy their din-dins nice and warm too with the help of this awesome, easy to use Warming Bowl that’s great for keeping your little one’s food warm as they tuck in.
Keep your little one’s food warm as they tuck in with the help of this awesome, easy to use Warming Bowl with suction base and a handy matching spoon.

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Simply open the watertight lid, add warm water (not boiling water!), snap the lid closed, wipe any excess water away then add your baby’s food.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 

Product Features:
• Warming bowl for keeping baby food warm as they tuck in
• Easy to use – open water tight light, add warm water and snap shut.
• Includes long handled spoon to make feeding even easier and less messy
• Suction base keeps bowl in place and secure for less mess
• BPA Free
• The handy suction base keeps the bowl right where you want it once it’s secured down so there’s less chance of food flying across the room. 

A brightly coloured, practical solution for a perfectly common situation many parents find themselves in.  Perfect for when you’re encouraging them to try new food tastes and textures that they may scrunch their faces up at and a have a weaning tantrum because of!

There’s even a matching spoon with a long handle included, making feeding your baby that little bit easier and less messy.  

Let the weaning journey begin! 

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