Travel Pillow Secure Belt – Age 1-3 – Black


Car journeys, particularly long trips, can be very tiresome for lively little ones.

Restless youngsters often wriggle free of their safety straps and get out of their car seat.

Not only does this create a dangerous distraction for the driver, but it puts the child at real risk of injury or death in case of an impact, or during sudden heavy braking.

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• The new travel innovation designed to help save the lives of young passengers.
• The Secure Belt Travel Pillow is specifically designed to help solve this problem, increasing in-car safety and delivering improved comfort levels for young passengers.
• The pillow’s unique design has retention panels on the underside which encase the car seat shoulder straps, holding them in their ideal position on the child’s shoulders, and reducing the chance of them wriggling free.
• The pillow is also a snug, soft cushion which supports the head and greatly enhances comfort, even on long journeys. This high quality cushion, designed with safety, reliability and functionality in mind, also has a machine washable cover.
• Also available in a larger size for Age 3-8 years.

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