Unicorn Friends


A 50 piece puzzle featuring unicorns and their friends in a magical world.

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An enchanting 50 piece puzzle depicting an enchanted scene, magical unicorns and charming woodland animals. Children will have fun piecing together the colourful puzzle as they try to spot all the mystical characters and animals.

Unicorn Friends includes a fun learning guide on the back of the box which features different discussion points to talk about once the puzzle has been completed. This includes questions to encourage observation skills, develop counting skills and promote imaginative play.

For example you could ask ‘how many fairies can you see?’ or ‘where is the frog prince sitting?’.

These discussion points add to the fun of this beautiful jigsaw that children will enjoy piecing together time and time again.

• Includes giant poster, perfect for bedroom walls
• Features a talkabout guide on the back of the box to encourage discussion
• Great for both boys and girls

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