Balloons Musical Electronic Cot Mobile


The Balloons baby crib mobile with an electronic music box is an ideal product for a child to help them fall asleep. A steady movement will calm down, and the gentle sound of the music box will soothe your baby. Thanks to the universal holder, the crib mobile can be attached to both a tourist and wooden cot.

The crib mobile allows the baby to observe the monotonous movement of objects, thus improving the sense of sight.

The colourful toys attached to the crib mobile give the child a sense of security and support the development of imagination by creating a unique story about the adventures of horses in the stable.

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• The crib mobile will effectively lull your child to sleep with one of the many melodies.
• The battery-operated mechanism enables continuous listening and volume control.
• The ‘click’ solution facilitates attachment and removal.
• White noise is a combination of sounds from the entire frequency spectrum that is able to mask other sounds. It has a soothing effect and makes it easier to fall asleep.
• The four sounds of nature: birds singing, heartbeat, rain, and sea waves − help your child relax and unwind.
• The mechanism includes 19 classic lullabies. The soothing melodies will make falling asleep more enjoyable for your child.
• The fastening system is quick and the rack fits most tourist and wooden cots.
• The crib mobile is made of high-quality materials with attention to every detail.
• The crib mobile complies with the safety standards in force in the European Union.
• Material: crib mobile − plastic, toys − polyester
• Weight: 0.75 kg
• Suitable for children from 0 months (0m+)
• Requires the use of two AA batteries (not included)
• Packaging size 32 x 26 x 8.5 cm

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