Braid Bumper – Pink& White


Bubaba takes care of smiling and peaceful nights!
Gentle, pleasant, and soft. Quality and comfortable textile articles produced with children in mind, in the desire to make children’s habituation to the new environment easier and more pleasant.
Handmade items offer children a safe haven, a feeling of a peaceful home, and a pleasant softness. With its modern and complete appearance, it beautifully fills any child’s room. Children’s accessories are made in Europe and offer comfort to mothers and children.

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The soft braid protects the child from unpleasant events that could disturb his precious sleep and gives him a sense of security.
This product, in addition to serving the purpose of protection while the child sleeps in the crib, also has an aesthetic value due to its braided shape.
Dimensions: 235 x 15 cm.
Filling: polyester.
A cover: cotton.

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