Kalani Teether


Teething can be such a painful process for parents as well as baby. When baby’s drooling, fussing, crying, and won’t sleep, Kalani provides a proven soothing effect for sensitive teeth and gums.

Kalani’s smooth, hard head helps babies in the early stages of teething, soothing sensitive gums.​

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• Helps relieve the pain of teething – helping soothe and ease baby’s teething troubles
• Suitable for all stages of teething – from first teeth through to final molars
• Different textured surfaces – provide different types of pain relief
• Easy for baby to grasp and hold – wide wings and body shaped for little hands to grasp
• Helps speech development – baby learns to become aware of tongue and mouth movements that will help with speech
• Distracts from discomfort – this bright, fun character encourages baby to smile and play
• Easy clean – dishwasher, steriliser and microwave safe
• BPA and BPS free – safe for baby

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