Lotta Gray Pinette Changer

A baby changing table is an element no mom and no children’s room can do without.

It is a safe, cozy and comfortable place which makes changing easier. It is perfectly fitted to the dresser of the same line, thanks to which it is very safe to use.

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Main advantages:
• The baby changing table extends the surface of dresser’s top, thanks to which the child is safe, and all care products are within reach.

• Limiting edges are another element affecting changing table safety.

• In addition, both assembly and disassembly are very simple and fast, and after changing table detachment – it leaves not marks on the dresser.

• Thanks to perfect fitting of the dresser and the baby changing table, both pieces of furniture look really elegant altogether.
• Meets European standards and safety requirements

• Possibility of attachment on the left, on the right and in the middle of the dresser

Dimensions (cm):
• Height: 8
• Length: 75.8
• Width: 59.6

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