Magic & Space Set – Tiger


The NUK Magic & Space Set consists of X1 NUK Magic cup, X1 NUK Space Soother and X1 NUK Soother Strap. This set is suitable for children 6 months and over.

The NUK Magic Cup: The NUK Magic Cup allows children to drink in the same way as adults do. The 360° drinking rim encourages and allows drinking from any side, without any handles much like a normal drinking cup. The “magical” difference is that the cup cannot leak. A silicone disc seals the lid from the inside. To drink a child has to suck on the rim to open the seal.

The NUK Space Soother: NUK Soothers have an orthodontic shape that promotes healthy oral development. This Soother is ideal for babies with sensitive skin. The amount of air circulation in the soother design helps the skin to breathe and prevents irritation.

The NUK Soother Strap: Always make sure that your baby’s soother is close at hand with the NUK Soother Strap. With the NUK Soother Strap your baby will avoid dropping his soother on the floor or misplacing it. Thanks to the ring made of flexible silicone, the strap can be securely attached to soothers with or without a ring. The practical clip makes it easy to attach to baby’s clothes.

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More Information

The NUK Magic Cup: Suitable for children 8 months and over, BPA free.
The NUK Space Soother: Suitable for children 6-18 months, BPA free.
The NUK Soother Strap: Suitable for all ages, BPA free.

Design: Tiger.

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