Join the to my Toomies octopus family in the bath for some splashing and squirting water fun.

These eight little baby octopuses and their mummy love playing in the water.

Give one of them a squeeze to discover how they squirt water.

Tip the octopus mummy upside down to create an awesome water shower.

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• Octopals is a fun colourful octopus bath toy including several toys with various different features in one single floating island.
• Turn mummy octopus upside down for water pouring fun and use as a shower cup to rinse the soap off your little one at the end of bath time
• Tala’s 8 little babies each squirt water and have a suction cup to stick to the bath tiles and bath tub – splash, squirt and play all around.
• Each baby octopus comes with a different funny face and number that corresponds to a space in the island – ideal for having loads of fun while learning.
• Baby Octopals come in twos with coloured heads and collars for different colour associations and matching games

Box Contains:
• 1 x Mother octopus water pouring cup
• 8 x Baby octopus water squirters

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