Pinette Cot Junior Bed – 70×140

A central point in every children’s room is a cot which is not only a place to sleep and rest, but also to play.

Thanks to practical solutions, the cot Pinette is safe and supports the development of a child.

A wooden structure in shape of a house constitutes a timeless and natural element. It can be used to hang mobiles, lamps or other elements supporting the development of a child, to hang a mosquito net protecting from insects or a canopy which creates a cosy sleeping spot.

More Information

• Complies with European standards and safety norms

• Two removable bars in one of the frames which make it possible to get in and out of the bed

• Three levels of mattress frame position adjusted to the level of child’s development (55.6/42.8/25.2 cm from the floor)

• Convertible into a sofa by dismantling one of the frames

• Convertible into a divan by dismantling two frames and the upper part of the headboard and footboard

• The bed can be pulled out to 160 cm and used longer to about the 10th year of age

• Capacious drawer with rolls with a rubber tire, safe for the floor

• Bed fall out protection additionally available (optional)

Dimensions (cm):
• Length: 144 – 163.6

• Width: 79.5

• Height of headboard and footboard: 86.5

• Height of the house: 176

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