Turtle Tots Bathtime Fun


Mummy turtle with 4 cute turtle tots.

The turtle tots suck onto the mummy turtle’s shell, as well as all around the bath!

They also squirt water to add to the bathtime fun.

Take off mummy turtle’s shell to reveal 4 pouring cup legs in bright colours.

Remove the legs to pour shower water, then have fun shape sorting them back into place to tidy away!

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More Information

• Turtle Tots Bath Time Fun gives your tots lots of ways to play in the tub.
• Four water-squiring Turtle Tots stick to Turtle Mum… wall tiles and bath tubs.
• Play colour matching games, pairing the colourful Tots to each corner.
• Lift up the giant shell to remove the brightly coloured legs – each one sprinkles a different pattern.
• There’s shape sorting fun at tidy-up time: each leg slots neatly away in its special place.
• Suitable for ages 12 months and over.

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